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of the Lifters League Powerlifting Team and Founder of Lifters League Strength and Conditioning Club


certified with Australian Strength and Conditioning Association


certified with International Society of Sports Nutrition.


certified at the highest level by Recomp


Hi, my name is Gus,

People tend to think I’m quiet but I actually really like to talk … ALOT. I could literally talk your ear off all night about a lot of random science’y shit. I’ve always been fascinated by science, my favourite past time is learning more about physics, engineering, mechanics, chemistry, technology, biology, psychology pretty much everything in science which has dubbed me as a bit of a nerd. A pretty cool nerd I reckon, a nerd with muscle and tattoos plus I was never beaten up at school and served 4 years as a combat soldier in the Royal Australian Regiment… so I guess I’m not your typical nerd. I’m an elite class powerlifter with over an 800 kg total and a competitive bodybuilder. I have years of competitions under my belt, holding multiple national and world record in the bench press and squat and I have trained numerous state, national and international champions with clients holding so many records that I don’t have the time to work out. I am also the head coach of a powerlifting team at Lifters League and founder of my very own strength and conditioning club…. One thing that fascinated me about athletes is their ability to push the limits, their mentality is beyond 99.9% of the population and it’s that edge that has made us successful. I have never held back, if my competition trains for 20 hours, I did 30 hours, if he ate 4000 calories, I ate 5000 calories. If he did 2 hours of mobility well I’d just squat because I hate stretching. I started this website to share my thoughts and knowledge with others and to teach people how to push their absolute limit when comes to achieving your goals… No matter what it is? This is what I do so, please enjoy my blog and if you want to make a change then please contact me. I’d love to chat with you







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See what I have achieved with Athletes

  • I’ve been training with Gus for 4 months now, and I’ve made more progress already in both muscle & strength gain than I had in the 18 months of regular lifting before I started.

    Katie Browne
  • If there is one thing you could say about Gus Cooke, it’s that he knows what he is talking about! I would highly recommend him to anyone for coaching, diet, programming, and mentoring.”

    Annie Rendle-Short
  • The service Gus provides is undoubtedly proficient, with his extensive knowledge and experience plus science based programming and nutrition I highly recommend.”

    Kristal Stirling
  • Through the Gus Method, I was able to easily achieve my body composition goals, …I cannot recommend highly enough to anyone hoping to achieve strength and body recomposition goals.”

    Katrina (Tree) Greitschus
  •  I didn’t have a very good experience with Gus Cooke‘s diet at all – I had to carry a baseball bat around everywhere I went to keep the chicks off my outrageously chiseled body .. It was horrible

    Darth Clermerson
  • My progress with Gus so far over (1 year): 68kg at 40% to 66kg at 24% eating 3000 calories and 115kg on my total! 

    Pip Brown
  •  I really loved the structure with his nutrition program…i knew what to eat everyday and when to eat it…super easy to follow… 

    Sally Lyndon
  • Love training with Gus Cooke. Increased my deadlift by 52kg since I started and made some serious physique changes. Definitely worth every cent

    Stacey Zanchetta
  • Gus’ diets and training got my body fat down by 10% and my total up by 52.5kg over 7 months!”

    Annie Rendle-Short
  •   Gus Cooke is the man to talk to for any sports specific nutrition and body recomp goals!

    Scott Wasson
  • I will definitely second this. Gus is fantastic and well worth while investing in

    Miles Anderson

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About Muscle Nerd

Body Recomposition

We do body recompositioning (recomp) for anybody who wants to improve their physique.

What Is Recomp?

Strength Training

We utilise strength training for improvements in athletic performance, form and function of the human body.

What Is Strength Training?

Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition is the study and practice of nutrition and diet as it relates to athletic performance.

What Is Sports Nutrition?

  • Muscle Nerd is the new standard of personal training. It is the evidence based practice for strength training and sports nutrition for total body recomposition. No ambiguity. No compromise.


Our Service

I specialise in body composition and strength training. I create leaner, more muscular and stronger bodies, by design.


Learn how to execute your training program with proficiency for radical strength and body composition changes


Personalised weight training prescription specifically designed to rapidly achieve your goal 


Customised sports nutrition prescriptions to enhance your performance with concurrent fat loss and/or muscle gains


Online software for creating bespoke diet and training prescription for client access all over the world. 


Comp Prep


Body composition pushed the absolute limit. Our approach is different from most taking an holistic approach to positive body composition changes. We have a minimum 6 month prep phase assuming you have some conditioning and muscle otherwise expect a 12-18 month prep  


Powerlifting is the other extreme pushing strength training to the absolute limit in competition. The goal is simple, The strongest wins. Every inch of your body will be purpose build for a single purpose and that is to move as much weight as humanly possible. Peak strength is a skill, we will teach every physical, technical and mental aspect to squeeze as much as you can out of the bar.  




I am a Body Recomposition Specialist and Head Strength coach working out of my own facility Lifters League.

Powerlifting Specific Equipment
Competition Standard Bars
Physio Designed Machines
Plenty of free weight space
Private Access
200kg+ Stacks
Olympic Standard Plates
Highest Quality Strength Equipment


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  • No citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training… what a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.



Overhead 130
Australia winning the World Championships
2014 Mens National Competitors
217.5kg Bench Press
280kg Deadlift Attempt
315kg Squat
277.5kg Deadlift
5% body fat
Abs and Thighs
Abs and Thighs 2
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