Body Recomposition

Body Recomposition is the process of becoming lean, muscular, stronger, athletic, toned or whatever you prefer for a better body! By definition, Body Recomposition involves MEASURED sports performance exercise and diet to achieve a MEASURED, desirable, athletic figure or physique of whatever extreme you desire. Whether you are talking about a flat tummy, better strength athlete or pro bodybuilding, it’s all body recomposition!

body recomposition is the purposeful manipulation of body size, muscle mass and fat mass through measured strength training and sports nutrition


Who is Body Recomposition for?

Body Recomposition is for any healthy person/athlete who wants to improve their body. But it is only for people who are willing to work harder and eat better in order to become the best they can be.

you don’t have to be elite. you just need an elite mindset


Recomp Measurements

Body Recompositioning focusses solely on the manipulation of bodily fat, weight, muscularity and strength levels as measured by regular body composition and performance testing… With great detail. All nutritional and exercise interventions are meticulously measured and planned to achieve specific, measured changes in strength, body fat and muscle mass.

Recomp Diets

Body Recompositioning Diets is measured and planned to achieve predefined, measured body and performance goals. It is precise, prescribed, purposeful “sports nutrition” requiring true discipline and leading to significant, positive physical change. These diets involve lots of food, no starvation, massive energy, no cravings and you’ll enjoy the rapid fat-loss with concurrent muscle-gains and strength that other people claim to be impossible!

Recomp Training

Body Recompositioning exercise is measured and planned strength training. When achieving a specific body outcome, everything has a purpose. Continuous strength gains in every movement we do, ensures maximal stimulation for maximal muscle growth. Strength is quantifiable so strength training is what we do. And the training is structured to work synergistically with the sports nutrition program for ultimate fat loss and muscularity.

Recomp Method

The Recomp method can’t technically work or fail because it’s not a diet or a way of training; it’s a process of planning, measuring, testing & adjusting. It is the scientific method applied directly to each individual’s body composition. The plan the coach decides can be good or poor. The choices the coach makes from the measurements might be brilliant or ridiculous. The execution can succeed or fail. But measuring a persons body composition, testing their strength, calculating the desired change in weight and lean mass, prescribing the nutrition and training to achieve it, and then measuring their performances and body composition changes is an unarguable process. The only people who disagree are those who hate the fact that the numbers don’t support their methods and that numbers don’t lie!

It is the scientific method applied directly to each individual’s body composition.


Body recompositioning is for anybody who wants to improve their body. It involves the disciplined application of measured strength exercise and sports nutrition to achieve extraordinary improvements in physique and increasing athletic form and function.

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