2018 QLD State Championships

Congratulations to my team. Dan Mahony for taking first place, Trace for first place, Rob for second place and the rest Anna, Dean, Otis and Issac for hitting massive total PBs. Special thanks to my girls Ruby, Pip and Bow making the day so smooth and looking after the team with me. It was very exciting programming for these guys as I experimented with a few idea and worked amazingly. Every block did exactly what was intended. I will be sure to post up a macro result of the entire protocol and outcome. Thank you Pip for writing this up for me. Click read more the result she wrote up.

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Tyron at the IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships

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Here is our very own lifter Tyron Senituli with his final deadlift of 332.kg finishing him off with a 7.5kg total PB taking the Powerlifting Australia’s all time total record of 890kg. Tyron is now currently ranking 9th in the world. Such an honour to have coached such talented and dedicated athletes. Such a bright future for this new lifter and can’t what to work with him more.  Read more

Arnold Classics Australian Tour ’17

Lifters League sent a team of 4 down to the Arnold Classic AU this year. For those who haven’t been following the global takeover that is the Arnold Classic Sports Festival, this event is held annually in every continent (except Antarctica) and features a growing collection of sports including powerlifting, bodybuilding, strongman, martial arts and arm wrestling. Competitions at this festival are prestigious events- open only to those who have qualified or been invited- stepping on the Arnold stage is a big achievement and milestone for any athlete.
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“The importance of having an expert coach” – Pip Brown

The importance of having an expert coach!Over the wkend at Qld states it was brought to my attention that this is something I have taken for granted. I competed on Saturday @valhalla_strength_brisbane ,did an easy 8kg cut to make weight, got a couple of pb’s, qualified for nationals and came out with 1st place in 67’s. Read more

State Championships 2017

 (Photo courtesy of Greg Elkenhans Photography)
This year we took 9 of our lifters to the GPC Queensland State Powerlifting Championships. Our team performed exceptionally well, with 5 of our athletes placing and qualifying for Nationals. Plus 2 of our lifters breaking All Time Australian Records. 

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