Strength Coaching

When you train with me I don’t just tell you what to do in a ‘workout’ but I will teach you how to train for life, I will teach you how to achieve specific, measurable training outcomes beyond anything you would have been capable of achieving otherwise. I will teach you control over every aspect of the physical, mental and emotional requirements of pushing your body to the limit of its physical capacity, safely and consistently, every time you train. I will critically analyse every element (including nutrition) that contributes to you achieving your maximum performance on each exercise.

Sports Nutrition

I use nutritional science to prescribe energy balanced and nutrient dense diets. Nutrition is hugely neglected amongst athletes and their full potential isn’t realised until they make this reality. You can’t out supplement or out train a bad diet. With Proper scientifically-based nutritional practices dramatic increases in performance, muscle mass with concurrent fat loss to the point that other people claim to be impossible!

My diets involve lots of food, no starvation, massive energy, no cravings you’ll receive a custom prescription of every gram of every food you eat to achieve body composition you desire or the performance/training outcome you require for your sport. I measure your body composition periodically to make regular, evidence based decisions to adjust the diet for the most objective and foolproof way to ensuing maximal, continuous progression.

I create your diet with you so that it suits your preferences and lifestyle as long as we meet your nutrient targets. I’ll explain your options and calculate quantities. You have the ability to choose what you prefer to eat and when.


Before I create a strength training program I will measure your body composition and do a strength test. I will then calculate exact what you need to do to get to your desired goals. Whether it’s to be lean and muscular or prepare for a powerlifting competition I will get you there as efficiently as possible.

All my programs are custom prescription of every weight to lift on every exercise to achieve your strength and body composition goals. I measure strength and body composition changes periodically to make regular, intelligent adjustments. It’s the only objective and foolproof way of ensuring maximal, continued change.

My programs are delivered via an online Recomposer software which is designed to work on your smartphone in the gym. The software calculates the displays the reps you need with the prescribed weight for maximal progress on every exercise at every workout. There is no guesswork and no ambiguity. You know exactly why you are at the gym and exactly what you need to achieve. It truly transforms the way you look at training.

PTC Brisbane

PTC Brisbane is my home gym where I train myself and my clients. It is a strength and conditioning gym that is mainly focused on powerlifting, body recomp and sports nutrition. Everyone in this gym works together as a team where we’re all motivated to make better versions of ourselves. There is nothing fad about this gym, you will not find a treadmill, exercise bikes, rowers, stepper, TRX or swiss balls here. Old school is the best school. You will have everything you need and nothing you don’t. PTC is a no bulls#!t gym where you train hard producing real results.


I enjoy what I do, I live and breathe this. I take as much passion, pride and diligence in my clients as I do with myself. If you think this is right for you and you want to train with me then contact me below and we’ll discuss what is suitable for your needs…



$130per session

10 Sessions



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You only requirement is you want to get strong