Custom diet prescription

Muscle Nerd diets are a custom prescription of every gram of every food you eat to achieve body composition you desire or the performance/training outcome you require for your sport. I measure your body composition periodically to make regular, evidence based decisions to adjust the diet for the most objective and foolproof way to ensuing maximal, continuous progression.

I create your diet with you so that it suits your preferences and lifestyle as long as we meet your nutrient targets. I’ll explain your options and calculate quantities. You have the ability to choose what you prefer to eat and when.

My diets involve lots of food, no starvation, massive energy, no cravings and you’ll enjoy the rapid fat-loss with concurrent muscle-gains and strength that other people claim to be impossible!

Diet differently

As with other great strength coaches and sport nutritionists, I have a unique philosophical perspective on diets. While most trainer recommend a form of malnourishment, my focus is on providing the nourishment to create a body you want and aid in the performance you need to achieve your goal!

I am a qualified and insured Sports Nutritionist with the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN). I use nutritional science to prescribe energy balanced and nutrient dense diets. I use the scientific method to assess, record and collect data from my clients. I know how to evaluate the scientific merit of articles about nutrition. As a sports nutritionist I separate marketing hype from scientifically-based nutritional practices. This is why I don’t do diets such as PaleoZoneMichelle Bridges Diet or any other dietary religion. I take an evidence-based approach where I use the best and most current studies to aid in decision making about an individual to provide the best possible diet, then I continually monitor the outcomes to make regular, evidence based decisions to adjust the diet for continuous progression.

Depending on the person and circumstances I might recommend a high protein, high carb, high fat or isocaloric diet. All I ask is that you follow my prescription with consistency so that I can make accurate measurements which allow me to make these intelligent adjustments. If you are not consistent, I cannot do my job. It’s that simple. If this is what you want then contact me here and we’ll see if this is suitable for your needs…


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