How do I get started?

Contact me for the initial consultation, this includes a body composition assessment, goal setting and discusses a few things about your training history, limitations and habits. After the consultation, we will generally do a strength test consisting of squat, bench and deadlift where we work up as close and safely as possible to your 1 rep max. This strength test together with the interview and goal setting gives me the numbers and information I need to build your personalised program and diet.


Can I get online coaching?

Of course you can. You just need to get in contact with me and tell me about your goals. We will organize to chat about your training, diet and lifestyle habits. We will then evaluate your strength level and body composition then determine your goal. With this information I will then build a personalised program and diet to get you to your goal. I will monitor your progress in detail to ensure maximum results are continuously achieved. Read more here…


Can I do this if I’m a complete newbie?

I’ve successfully trained many newbies to their goals. The process is exactly the same but your will need to be motivated and willing to work hard. I recommend doing as many coaching sessions as possible until I think you are proficient in training yourself before doing a program on your own. I will need to teach you the skills and techniques of weight training, I will need to teach you how to incorporate an athletes way of life, I will need to teach you how to eat, I will need to teach you to control every aspect of your physical, mental and emotional requirements of pushing your body to the limit of its physical capacity, safely and consistently.


How do you write programs?

All programs are delivered via the recomposer software which is a tool I use to calculate / prescribe your exercise, weights and reps for your training program. I decide on how to program for you based on your experience, limitations and goals. Over the first couple of weeks I gather more and more information to fine tune your program.  Everyone response differently so as long as you are consistent you will have the most effective program suited to your needs.


How do you write diet plans?

I am a qualified and insured Sports Nutritionist Specialist (SNS) with the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN). I counsel people how to train and custom prescribe a diets measuring every gram of food you eat that achieves your desired performance and body composition goals. I create your diet with you so that it suits your preferences while meeting my nutrient targets. I’ll explain your options and calculate quantities. You choose what you prefer to eat and when. My diets involve lots of food, no starvation, massive energy, no cravings and you’ll enjoy the rapid fat-loss with concurrent muscle-gains and strength. In my practice I take an evidence-based approach where I use the best and current studies about exercise and nutrition and separate marketing hype from scientifically-based training and nutritional practices to aid in decision making about an individual providing the best possible diet. I will then continually monitor the outcomes to make regular, evidence based decisions to adjust the diet for the most objective and foolproof way to ensuing maximal, continuous progression. Read more here…


Can I have some flexibility in my diet?

I do not promote IIFYM but I do support having flexibility in your diet with good choices of whole foods. When I create a diet I add the foods you like I just pick the quantities and ensure you hit your nutrient requirements. I will teach you how to eat when it comes to eating “off plan” and is ok to have a bit of chocolate if it help but a choice like fruit will help you more in the long run than ice cream all the time.


Am I able to just get diet plan?

Of course. You just need to get in contact with me so we can have a chat. Your diet will be personalized for you goals and we track your body composition every week to make regular, evidence based adjustment for continual progression.


Will I be doing Cardio

When losing body fat we look at interventions of fat loss and promote muscle growth. Muscle can be grown through periodized strength training and fat loss we look a means to enhance the metabolism and promote the body through anaerobic training methods and sport nutrition and supplementation. In noway does cardio fit that picture of body recompositioning. Please read my blog for more insight. Why the fitness industry is so wrong about fat loss


What supplements do you recommend?

I always recommend high dose of fish oil to every client. But most supplements are only worth having once you have mastered your diet and training. On top of the list is Creatine Monohydrate. Creatine is the closest thing you will get to steroids that isn’t illegal. It’s really that good. To follow suit is beta alanine and caffeine which are both very effective when it comes to strength training. Next is your green tea, ZMA, CLA, Leucine in the form of BCAA, electrolytes, greens and vitamin B5, B6, B12, C and D. Lastly are more of a meal replacement aimed to maximise nutrition around training being whey, hydrolysed whey, waxy maize, citrulline Malate, betaine Anhydrous. None of these tho will give you drug-like effects as many of the labels claim. This will only be prescribed after and with a well-constructed diet. This can’t replace real food, the right supplements can fill the gaps where mother nature is slightly lacking.


How much does your services cost?

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