Muscle Nerd exclusively uses the Recomposer Software for all our training and nutritional needs which is available to anyone in Australia.

Recomposer Software

Recomposer is our software for creating bespoke diet and training prescriptions. You get online access from anywhere, there is even an iphone app for using in the gym.

Recomposer is based on 10 years of our private research and 5 years development. It is selectively licenced to Australia’s best Recomp specialists. It is the world’s best body recomposition software.

  • We will measure and track your body composition weekly to make regular changes to your plan to ensure maximum progression is made
  • Your performance with every exercise will be calculated and tracked leaving no guesswork and ensuring nothing in your training is overlooked
  • Sports Nutrition diet prescribed to the gram providing the most optimal nutrition is provided for the training performance and body composition required.
  • Your training program calculates the exact reps you need with the prescribed weight for maximal progress on every exercise at every workout. There is no guesswork and no ambiguity. You know exactly why you are at the gym and exactly what you need to achieve.


All clients receive private login to the recomposer software you receive your custom training programs and diet prescribed by your coach. You will be able to check in weekly to ensure regular adjustments are made to ensure maximal, continuous progress is made.


Inter-state and international clients are welcome to use our recomposer software for online coaching services. To maximise my coaching and your training we also use other platforms such as YouTube, Hudi, FaceBook, Skype, TeamViewer or just by phone and email. The only additional thing our online client require is getting regular body composition testing which can be done with a DEXA scan (google search here) or skin fold testing from a professional or get your own set of callipers and do it yourself or with a friend. Body composition isn’t just important for physique goals but vital for athletes in strength sports as well. Ensure body composition consistently moves in a positive direction to maximise progression on all levels. All you need to do is get in contact with me and I will take you through everything needed to get started. This service includes program, diet, unlimited adjustments, unlimited online support including emailing, phone calls, Skype, video coaching and body composition tracking.


If you are apart of the mentoring program and pass the required standard then you will get exclusive/supervised access to our recomposer software to gain industry experience as recomp trainer.  Contact me for more info.


Monthly Online Program and Diet Coaching

  • Monthly Skype Consults
  • Monthly Diet Reassessments
  • Body Composition Tracking
  • Monthly Prescriptive Strength Program
  • Prescription Diet Plan
  • Unlimited Email & Phone Support
  • Unlimited Training and Diet Adjustments
$59per week

coaching from ………. $45/week

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You only requirement is you want to get strong